Writing Tips

A few tips to consider when writing your resume.

Top 6 Resume Mistakes

The top 6 mistakes are:

  1. Spelling and grammar errors
  2. Missing email/phone information
  3. Using passive language instead of action verbs
  4. Poor organization and/or being too wordy, which make your resume hard to read
  5. Not demonstrating your specific accomplishments
  6. Being too long (keep it to one page!)

If any of these are surprising to you, or you're not sure how to avoid these common mistake, read on!

Use specific language

When describing your work experience, you want to use specific, action-driven language.

Being specific means you should use precise language and, whenever possible, numbers that show your results. For example,

"Helped improve profits"

can be better written as:

"Achieved 5% increase in profit margins by changing packaging process"

Use action verbs

Action verbs like "accomplished", "improved", "impacted", "produced", "spearheaded", and many others are strong verbs that attribute a result to you.

Saying something like:

"curriculum administrator and mentor"

doesn't make a strong statement. Rewriting using actions verbs makes what you did sound more impressive. For example,

"Maintained onboarding curriculum used to train over 30 new recruits"

sounds a lot better (notice we also stuck in a specific number and we can also make another line out of the mentorship aspect!).